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Season 4
Season 4



 ~Kate Beckett~



I´m a 32-years old woman working at the New York Police Department as a Detective.

I had no boyfriend at the moment. My ex is called Josh Davidson who`s a cardiac surgeon and a biker. Before that, there was a relationships with Tom Demming and Will Sorenson. 
According to Lanie, I can still drink just about anyone under the table. I like donuts with multicoloured sprinkles. Castle has brought me a bearclaw at least once, I keep gummi bears in my desk drawer something like M&Ms in a little dish and love my basket of muffins. But I take my coffee as a tall skinny latte with two pumps of vanilla and no sugar. Chinese is my favourite food. I also like sushi. I´m a huge baseball fan and had been going to games with my dad since I was three. I own a ridiculous number of coats, and a massive assortment of ridiculously high heels. Not sure about the coats, but I wear the heels because I really likes the stature :) . I´m good at poker, but i had a couple of tells: my face goes blank when I´m lying, and I push my hair behind my ears when I don’t know how to answer. I also unconsciously twirl it when I really like a guy and think he can’t see.


My earlier years ...

I was a catalogue model for a summer when I was 17. I worked all through high school to buy herself a '94 Harley Softail, which I still had along with a tattoo, I got in my goth phase at about 18, and possibly a navel ring. I don’t believe in mediums, magic, unicorns, or double rainbows and stopped believing in Santa at the age of three, when I figured out they had no chimney.


So, at the moment there is something like a realtionship with Castle. We had had a Hookup and now? Well, U don't really know how far this will go, but I hope it will go very far!!